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TOP Donors Dick and Dottie Appelbaum Honored by Kinneret

June 2014
Long-time supporters of Kinneret, TOP Foundation donors Dick and Dottie Appelbaum were honored in April by Kinneret through the creation of the Nanny & Papa’s Kitchen. Much of the Appelbaum’s support of the organization, whose mission is to provide a quality, life-enhancing residential experience for those living in the Kinneret Apartments, has been made possible…

26 Billion Bucks: The Jewish Charity Industry Uncovered

April 2014
The following article is the first in a series of three articles to contemplate the Jewish fundraising “apparatus.” While a bit sensationalist in tone, the piece gives a lot of rich data on what the trends and current situation of Jewish fundraising is. Unfortunately, the foundation arm of the equation is lumped together with the…

Isolating Iran: An Exciting TOP Event

February 2014
Join us for an exciting event on March 4 (Tampa/Pinellas) and March 5 (Orlando). (Scroll down to register.)   Registrant Name: *FirstLastI will be attending the event in:Tampa/PinellasOrlandoAdditional GuestFirstLastAdditional Guest (2)FirstLastAdditional Guest (3)FirstLastPhone: *-Area CodePhone NumberE-mail: *We request that you consider a suggested donation of $18 to defray the event cost. *I will bring a…

Where are the exemptions going?

January 2014
In 2014, we have quite a few potential changes in motion related to estate taxation as well as charitable gift deductions. We found the following article interesting, and thought you would too. Rising Estate Tax Exemptions — Is There a Future for Testamentary Gifts?  

Welcome to our new site!

November 2013
Thank you for visiting our new site. We all hope that you find the information within to be useful and informative, and would welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions about how we can serve you best. Please stop by the blog from time to time to see what your local Jewish foundation is up…