Our Funds

We offer two types of funds for individuals and we also are proud to offer managed funds for non-profit organizations looking to enhance their asset management.

If you’re considering starting your own private foundation (or are interested in retiring one you already started), click here to learn more about the differences between a private foundation and a donor-advised fund.

Donor-Advised Philanthropic Funds

With a donor-advised philanthropic fund, you decide when to make tax-deductible deposits and when to recommend distributions from the assets to any properly constituted charitable organization whose goals are not inconsistent with Jewish community values and goals. Donate when it’s good for you; recommend distributions when you think it is good for the recipient. In the meantime, your fund’s assets are being professionally managed.

The fund is typically named for the donor(s), and the donors and their family members are the ones that make all the distribution recommendations. Charitable gifts may be made from either the principal or the income generated by the fund.

Without a fund such as this, the only way to enjoy the same tax benefits and flexibility might be to establish a private foundation–which entails management responsibiliites, administrative expense, and burdensome regulatory requirements.

Any asset may be donated, but if you contribute appreciated stock, you can often get even further benefit.

Permanent Endowments

It is with an endowment–or several endowments–that you can leave a more permanent legacy and lasting reflection of your values and priorities, your hopes and dreams for mankind, and an example of tzedakah that can inspire the philanthropists of future generations.

The assets in each endowment are professionally invested and managed. For most endowments, a specified portion of the fund is to be distributed to the charitable organization or for the charitable purpose you designated when establishing the endowment. The balance continues to grow, helping ensure that your endowment will last indefinitely.

A special note about bequests: A bequest is a provision you make in your will for a gift to be made following your death. Even people with modest means are often able to bequeath a substantial sum of money. These bequests may be directed to an existing endowment or to create a new endowment; in either case it is directed for the purpose of supporting a cause or institution the donor holds dear.