TOP's new Donor Portal has arrived!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new TOP Donor Portal system.  This portal allows you to interact with your fund(s) via a secure, password protected website.  We hope you will enjoy the  enhanced functionality.  To access the new TOP Donor Portal, click here.

Please reach out to us if you have any comments or concerns.  Additional improvements are already in the works to further enhance the portal and the donor experience.

For Individuals

TOP Jewish Foundation offers a host of services for individual donors, including navigating donations of stock, Israel Bonds, and more complicated gifts.

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For Organizations

Small- to medium-sized nonprofit organizations benefit from a suite of endowment and short-term investment support services that provide access to high-level oversight, responsiveness, and results with our investment manager, Goldman Sachs.

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For Good

Through a decades-long commitment to community sustainability, TOP has distributed nearly 2,000 grants in the past year, totaling just under $8m and stewards over $50m in the community's assets.

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Why is this foundation different from all other foundations?

TOP Jewish Foundation began over three decades ago as a regional endeavor of three Jewish Federations. Since its inception, TOP has grown to manage over $50m of the community's assets and taken a leading role in promoting and securing legacy gifts and commitments, ensuring a strong Jewish future.

We pride ourselves on being the only Jewish foundation that maintains a strict anti-terror and anti-BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) investment policy. We've worked with our investment manager, Goldman Sachs, to create a screening tool that does not allow any such problematic companies to enter our portfolio.

We offer our partners--individuals and organizations just like you--a level of white-glove service, regardless of your fund's balance. As a partnership, we recognize that it is through your generosity that our entire community can continue to grow in strength.

Finally, in working with TOP for your philanthropic goals, you'll find that we truly live up to our tagline: We make giving easy.

Ready to learn more?

After getting to know us through our website, please let us know what we can do to help you meet your charitable goals. Sign up for our newsletter, drop us a note, or give us a call: we're here to help make your giving easier!