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Jewish Council of North Central Florida (JCNCF) is part of the JFNA (Jewish Federations of North America) Network of Independent Communities, which links more than 150 Federations and 300 smaller Jewish communities across the United States. The Network represents more than 200,000 Jews who come together to care for the global Jewish people. JFNA helps those in need, rescues people in danger, and keeps Jewish life secure. Please see the JCNCF Funds held at TOP below to learn more about the causes and donate directly to the funds.


Estelle Aden Holocaust Education Fund

The JCNCF is proud to announce the establishment of the Estelle Aden Holocaust Education Fund, managed by TOP Jewish Foundation.

Especially during this time of growing hate and antisemitic acts, it is even more important and crucial that the community has the means to create important educational programs on the Holocaust, hate and antisemitism. The fund will ensure that the JCNCF can present such programs for perpetuity.

Estelle was known by her peers as a pillar in the Gainesville Jewish community after moving to Gainesville in 2003. Prior to her move, Estelle dedicated decades of volunteer service to eradicating antisemitism and hate through Holocaust education. In Gainesville, Estelle was a passionate member of the Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance) committee until her health started to fail in 2019.

Estelle passed in March of 2020. She is remembered lovingly for her intelligence, energy and kindness. JCNCG videos that were taken of her candle-lighting readings at Yom HaShoah events are still played at annual events. Her selection of poems and vigorous delivery of the message “We shall never forget” continue to inspire many.

The Estelle Aden Holocaust Education Fund (EAHEF) was started in 2021 with a generous donation by her daughter, Vicki Santello. Those proceeds are now available to support JCNCF Holocaust Education events. For anyone interested in supporting this important fund, please click the link below to donate to the fund at TOP.




Jewish Council of North Central Florida Momentum Managed Fund

The Jewish Council of North Central Florida (JCNCF) is excited to announce a partnership with Momentum Unlimited, a yearlong journey empowering women to connect to Jewish values, engage with Israel, take action, and foster unity without uniformity. The capstone of this journey is a profound, personal eight-day experience in Israel and continues with educational and leadership programs lasting throughout a year.

Please join the JCNCF by contributing to the newly created JCNCF Momentum Fund which will be used to sustain and grow our local program financially. The JCNCF Momentum Fund and associated programming has been spearheaded by community and board member, Becca Schecter who personally was deeply changed from her own experience.

"Going on a Momentum trip was an amazing and unique experience …it sparked a new love in my heart for the most special place in the world and made me want to be a more engaged both in my home and in my new community,” says Becca.

We hope you will consider supporting this journey so that future North Central Florida women (and potentially men!) will have the opportunity to take this transformational step in their lives.