Other ways to give creatively

Certain provisions in the Internal Revenue Code often present some very creative ways to facilitate potentially larger charitable gifts than what you could give without those tax advantages.  Common examples are Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts.  Both are special contracts that permit the donor to enjoy an income stream while living, and then, from the remaining assets, to create a lasting Endowment for the charity of his or her choice after he or she has passed on.

Another option is to donate an existing or new life insurance policy to TOP Jewish Foundation, enjoy immediate and/or continuing tax benefits, and direct TOP to create an Endowment for your selected charity from the insurance proceeds after your death.

Some of the most interesting and tax-efficient options can be a bit complex.  That's why TOP Foundation staff works with your attorney, accountant, and other advisors in helping you to take advantage of these programs.